The best travel blogs around the world

Travel blogs around the world

Here’s a curated list of 16 travel blogs from around the world. If you, as us, love to find new dreamy destinations and travel inspiration these blogs will definitely give you what you deserve:)

  1. Nomadic Matt
    Nomadic Matt is a well-established travel blog run by Matt Kepnes, offering practical tips, destination guides, and budget travel advice.
    Nomadic Matt
  2. Expert Vagabond
    Expert Vagabond, by Matthew Karsten, shares captivating travel stories, stunning photography, and helpful tips for adventure travelers.
    Expert Vagabond
  3. The Blonde Abroad
    The Blonde Abroad, founded by Kiersten Rich, focuses on solo female travel, featuring destination guides, packing tips, and personal stories.
    The Blonde Abroad
  4. Legal Nomads
    Legal Nomads, created by Jodi Ettenberg, combines travel stories with a focus on food, culture, and overcoming challenges while traveling.
    Legal Nomads
  5. The Points Guy
    The Points Guy, led by Brian Kelly, offers insights into travel hacking, maximizing rewards programs, and getting the most value out of your travel experiences.
    The Points Guy
  6. Wandering Earl
    Wandering Earl, managed by Derek Earl Baron, shares long-term travel experiences, cultural insights, and practical advice for budget-conscious travelers.
    Wandering Earl
  7. A Little Adrift
    A Little Adrift, by Shannon O’Donnell, focuses on responsible and sustainable travel, featuring stories from around the world with an emphasis on cultural immersion.
    A Little Adrift
  8. Besides the Obvious
    Besides the Obvious is a great and fun travel blog, here you can find some well hidden gems around the world, or what do you say about things to do in Bahrain or a bucket list for Brno in Czech Republic? They have made a whole bunch of travel bucket lists for you to choice from. We also like the structure of the site where you find places out of contintent, region or country.
  9. Ordinary Traveler
    Ordinary Traveler, founded by Christy Woodrow, provides inspiration and practical advice for travelers seeking both adventure and luxury experiences.
    Ordinary Traveler
  10. Y Travel Blog
    Y Travel Blog, run by Caz and Craig Makepeace, offers family travel tips, destination guides, and personal stories of exploring the world with children, as the kids grow the blog develops.
    Y Travel Blog
  11. Be My Travel Muse
    Be My Travel Muse, by Kristin Addis, focuses on solo female adventure travel, offering destination guides, travel tips, and empowering stories.
    Be My Travel Muse
  12. Uncornered Market
    Uncornered Market, managed by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, shares immersive travel stories, cultural insights, and sustainable travel tips.
    Uncornered Market
  13. Hippie in Heels
    Hippie in Heels, created by Rachel Jones, offers a blend of luxury and budget travel advice, with a focus on off-the-beaten-path destinations and cultural experiences.
    Hippie in Heels
  14. Goats On The Road
    Goats On The Road, run by Nick and Dariece, provides practical advice for digital nomads, budget travelers, and adventure seekers, along with destination guides.
    Goats On The Road
  15. TravelFREAK
    TravelFREAK, founded by Jeremy Foster, shares stories of unconventional and adventurous travel experiences, along with practical advice for travelers.
  16. The Planet D
    The Planet D, managed by Dave and Deb, features adventure travel stories, photography, and practical tips for exploring destinations around the globe.
    The Planet D.

These blogs cover a wide range of travel styles, from budget backpacking to luxury experiences, solo travel to family adventures, and everything in between. Happy exploring!

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