Five reasons to travel to Jämtland this summer

Sunset in Jämtland

More and more tourists are attracted to the northern parts of Sweden, and even if you have heard the rumors about mosquitos in the summer people come to visit Norrland all year around, midnight sun, hiking and biking are some of the reasons you should book a visit. Here we have listed some of the gems in Jämtland and Härjedalen.


Östersund has it all, city, lake and mountains, forest & countryside, pulse and calm. The town centre has personal shops, a market hall and lovely cafés. A lot of work has been done to make the town centre more pleasant and decorative, and it was awarded the town centre of the year award in 2019. Here is the National Museum Jamtli where nature and culture from the 19th century are well preserved, here history becomes entertainment with live role play at Historieland. At the end of July every summer, the city is filled with artists performing at Storsjöyran, the oldest music festival in Sweden. Östersund is the heart of Jämtland and a good first stop on the journey further out into the mountain world.


Storsjön is Sweden’s most mythical lake, it is the fifth largest and is replenished by fresh mountain water through the flow of the Indalsälven river, among others. There are plenty of activities in, on and around the lake, rent kayaks or SUP and paddle out, take the ship M/S Thomée out to Verkö Castle, go on an exciting Storsjö wildlife tour and listen to mysterious stories about the legend Storsjö beast. During the summer there are plenty of activities in Surfbukten, from swimming to skating, wakeboarding, slacklining and beach volleyball.  Around the lake there are also plenty of cycling trails of various types, pump tracks and mountain bike trails. Or why not bring your coffee basket and cast off from a tranquil bay and go fishing.  


If you haven’t hiked before, Jämtlandstriangeln is the perfect introduction to a multi-day trip, where you don’t have to carry a tent and food on your back. The start is from STF Storullvån’s mountain station, which you can reach by train and bus or by car. Many hikes and trails start from here, where you can stock up on food or rent gear for your trip. Either walk south towards Sylarna mountain station or go counter-clockwise and head west towards Blåhammaren mountain station. The hikes are between 12-18 km long and take between 4-8 hours depending on how experienced a hiker you are. The mountain stations offer everything from 3-course dinners with rights to self-catering. You pack your lunch in your rucksack and take your water from the nearest mountain stream. Be warned of stunning views and mountain propaganda. And the view from Blåhammaren’s sauna is worth writing home about.

Helags Glacier

Helags is Sweden’s southernmost glacier, Sweden’s highest peak south of the Arctic Circle and is located on the border between Jämtland and Härjedalen. The nearest parking is at Kläppen at the top of Ljungdalen 12 km from the mountain station. At the foot of the mountain, the mountain station has four-bedded rooms, a sauna and a fantastic restaurant, and a small shop, but there are also many beautiful tent sites in the hollow around the station. The first hut was built here in 1897 to facilitate summit climbs, and it is understandable that even then people wanted to visit the beautiful high alpine area. Many people sleep one night and do a summit climb, then take a dip in the mountain stream a stone’s throw from the sauna and then enjoy a well-deserved dinner with great views.


The queen of Härjedalen, the peak rises majestically from the forest-covered surroundings and in the foreground flows Ljusnan so still and dark. Sonfjället is the perfect mountain for a day trip, whether you are a seasoned hiker or on your first trip, Sonfjället is a great stop on your journey. There are two good starting points for hikes where you park at the foot of the mountain, either Nyvallen or Nysätern. From Nyvallen you have a steeper climb but quickly reach Lillfjället with magical views of the Jämtlandsfjällens contour and half of Härjedalen, from there you make the summit climb up to 1278 metres. From the car park at Nysätern, you pass the awesome avalanche chutes on your way up Gråsidan, around Valmfjället or into the stunning Sododalen. In Sododalen there is a warming hut and a babbling mountain stream that completes the beautiful valley.

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