These capitals in Europe are people most interested in visiting

London the most popular capital in Europe

According to numerous studies, Google is the most influential data source when it comes to influencing our travel plans. As a result, Humbo, a platform that inspires great travel, has analyzed user data and created an index that reveals the European capitals that generate the most interest among tourists.

By examining search terms like “where to stay in…” and “what to do in…”, Humbo has managed to identify the most popular European capitals. The research focused on search terms that indicate a desire to discover a city, excluding news-related behaviors. The goal was to encourage cities that excel at attracting visitors and provide a perfect bucket list for those seeking to explore Europe’s best capitals.

Humbo used various tools to analyze Google search engine behavior, similar to those used by digital marketers to better understand their market and optimize search engine results.

Here are the top 16 most popular European capitals according to Humbo’s research

  1. London, which generates the most interest in “things to do” searches
  2. Paris, which earns the silver medal
  3. Amsterdam, boosted by the release of the 2022 movie named after the city
  4. Rome, which lands in fourth place
  5. Berlin, a city of contrasts that secured fifth place
  6. Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, is sixth on the list
  7. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is in seventh position
  8. Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital, lands in eighth place
  9. Madrid, the capital of Spain, is the only city on the list to be beaten by another in the same country, Barcelona, which would make Spain the fourth most popular destination if added to the list
  10. Athens, the Greek capital, is the last to reach the top ten

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, comes in at number 11, while Copenhagen, often called the capital of Scandinavia, occupies the 12th position and is the first Scandinavian capital on the list. Vienna, the capital of Austria, takes the 13th spot, and Brussels, known as the “capital of Europe” as the seat of the EU, is in 14th place. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, earns the 15th position, and Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, rounds out the top 16.

Humbo encourages everyone to visit these fantastic cities and invites them to create their own travel bucket list on The research is available for use, but please remember to credit Humbo as the source.

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